Students educated on eating proper diet to check anaemia

K M Dayashankar


World food safety day observed at GDC women in Karimnagar


KARIMNAGAR: Students of the Government Degree college for women in Karimnagar town residing in social welfare hostels were empowered about the importance of proper diet and eating healthy food to check anaemia among the adolescent girls.

On the occasion of World Food safety day observed on June 7, Zoology department head Dr S Swethat educated the students about the girls were suffering from anaemia and how to overcome such problems by eating healthy food. Explaining about the symptoms of anaemia such as tiredness, giddiness, fatigue etc, she said that the students suffering from anaemia cannot concentrate on their studies. Hence, they should healthy leafy vegetables, she added.

Principal T Srilakshmi, zoology assistant professor N Sangeetha Rani and others educated the students about the different kinds of food which are rich in iron and nutrients and help check anaemia. The students were informed to eat jaggery peanuts to increase haemoglobin.

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