‘Smoking also contaminating the environment with micro plastics in cigarette butts’

World No Tobacco day observed at GDC women


KARIMNAGAR: Smoking causes death through cancer, heart attacks, brain strokes, COPD and peripheral vascular diseases, said the speakers at an awareness programme organised on the World No Tobacco day at the government degree college for women in Karimnagar town on Tuesday (May 31, 2022)

Department of Zoology of the college organised an awareness programme on the occasion of Anti-Tobacco day. Head of the Zoology department Dr S Swetha said that the smoking of cigarettes was having an impact on the environment also through deforestation. The smoking of cigarettes was contaminating the soil and water due to the toxins and micro plastics in the cigarette butts and single use non-biodegradable pouches and e-cigarettes.

Principal Dr T Srilakshmi called upon the students to play a responsible role in educating the society about the ill-effects of smoking and chewing tobacco. She said that the youth were getting influenced by the movies and smoking cigarettes as part of style and later getting addicted and suffering from health problems.

Assistant professor in Zoology N Sangeetha Rani said that female smoking has enormous consequences not only on the women’s health and economic wellbeing but also on their families. Apart from the health risks that women share with men, women face additional hazards like adverse pregnancy outcomes, female specific cancers such as cancer of breast, cervix and increased cardiovascular risks, she stated.


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