Quadruplets delivered at Yashoda Krishna hospital in Karimnagar

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: In a rare case, Nikitha, a housewife, who is one of the twin sisters, has delivered quadruplets (two boys and two girls) at the Yashoda Krishna hospital in Mankammathota locality in Karimnagar town on Saturday.

All the new born infants were healthy and weighing over 1.2 kilograms and one infant was weighing 900 grams. They are active and doing well in the hospital.

Dr Akula Shailaja of Yashoda Krishna hospital, who performed the deliveries through Caesarean section, said that Nikitha delivered quadruplets during her eighth month of pregnancy. The mother had delivered quadruplets during her first pregnancy and she is healthy and normal along with her infants.

The quadruplets are born once in seven lakh deliveries, said Dr Shailaja and added that she was happy to perform the deliveries through C-section. Incidentally, Niktha’s sister Likitha delivered triplets three months ago at the same hospital. Nikitha and Likitha are twins.


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