Diwali Grandeur in Dubai: Where Luxury Meets Tradition

NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 06, 2023: Create lasting memories with your loved ones during the Diwali season. Enjoy unbeatable offers, stand a chance to win fantastic prizes, and discover the perfect gift at various city jewelers. Additionally, treat your senses to hearty meals, traditional recipes, and enticing delicacies at some of the best restaurants throughout the city.

  1. Global Village

Celebrate Diwali at Global Village, where you can enjoy engaging Bollywood shows, experience authentic arts, crafts, and performances at the impressive India Pavilion.  You can also savor traditional Indian street food at the Indian Chaat Bazaar, dine at excellent Indian restaurants, and much more. The festivities are capped off with musical fireworks every Friday and Saturday, making it a celebration to cherish for life.

  1. La Perle

Soak in the visual extravaganza at La Perle and witness stunning performances with your family and friends. Elevate your show experience with freshly made Masala Popcorn – a delightful mix of spices and crispiness to enhance your enjoyment.

  1. Three-Course Dining Experience at Varq

Varq invites you to immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors, colors, and aromas, sure to leave an indelible mark on your senses. Diners can enjoy an extraordinary sensory experience, bringing together the rich, aromatic spices, and sumptuous textures that define India’s culinary heritage.

  1. Dubai Jewellery Group

In the spirit of Diwali, the Dubai Jewellery Group is orchestrating an expansive, citywide retail initiative encompassing prestigious jewelry establishments throughout Dubai. Renowned jewelers will showcase exclusive Diwali collections, presenting shoppers with exclusive deals, generous discounts, complimentary gifts upon purchase, and an enticing raffle featuring AED 150,000 worth of jewelry vouchers to be distributed among 30 winners.

  1. Aamara Restaurant

Aamara is a voyage of culinary discovery that stretches through the ages and across half the world through the ancient network of trading routes known today as the Silk route. The curated menu celebrates the diversity of flavors and techniques that has traveled and been shared through the historical route!


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