TRSMA opposes closure of schools and extension of holidays on the pretext of Omicron

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: The Telangana Recognised Schools Management Association (TRSMA) has found fault with various state governments for closing down the schools on the pretext of spread of the Omicron virus and extension of holidays in Telangana state.

In a press note here today, TRSMA state president Yadagiri Shekhar Rao, general secretary Sadula Madhusudhan and treasurer IV Ramana Rao said that several states such as New Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and others have announced closure of schools and other educational institutions following the outbreak of third wave of deadly virus.

They said that the USA and other European countries have not announced the closure of educational institutions in spite of reporting of Omicron cases in lakhs of numbers and they had only imposed strict restrictions. Stating that several developed countries had closed educational institutions during the first wave, they said that they had not closed the institutions during the second wave and third wave realising the importance of education of student community.

In India due to closure of educational institutions, the student community was being addicted the social media and electronic gadgets such as mobile, computers and television, they said that the students were being addicted to liquor, smoking and attraction towards opposite sex, ill-treatment of parents, no respect towards elders and teachers etc. They said that the closure of educational institutions would have serious impact on the bright career of student community.

Claiming that the impact of corona virus on children was minimal, they said that the closure of schools would not reduce or increase the virus. The closure of educational institutions would only cause huge loss to the students and the country at large, they stated. They also complained that the closure of schools was forcing child labour, child marriages and involvement of children in agricultural work etc.

They urged the states to rethink about its decision to close down the educational institutions and reopen them at the earliest to benefit the student community and loss of precious academic year and values of education.

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