Tiny Tots Learn Table Manners to ‘Dine in Style’

KARIMNAGAR, OCTOBER 09, 2023: In order to sensitise the young ones about table manners and etiquette from an early age, the tiny tots of Achievers Active High School, Kothirampur, Karimnagar, organised a special activity on table manners for the children on Monday.

The students were empowered on the importance of washing the hands before and after eating, using a towel, eating with right hand, proper chewing of food, eating of nutritional food such as salads and fruits along with their lunch etc. Teaching the children meal-time etiquette, is giving them an important tool for social interaction.

To make it fun, the kids were taught to make placemats for their dining table. The kids had fun designing the mats and also learnt the correct way of setting the table and the placement of crockery and cutlery on the table mat. Teachers demonstrated the right way of holding the spoons, placing a napkin on their lap and using it during a meal. The children were also taught to express their gratitude for the food they eat.

Incidentally, the parents have sent different varieties of food items having nutritional values and also fruits. The teachers explained the importance of sharing of food also. School director Ch Venkateshwarlu, principal Ch Pallavi, teachers and parents were also present.



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