Students sensitized on ‘Good touch, bad touch’ at ZPHS

KARIMNAGAR, AUGUST 29, 2023: An awareness workshop on ‘good touch, bad touch’ was organised by the officials of District Welfare Office (DWO) for the students of Zilla Parishad High School, Annaram in Manakondur mandal on Tuesday. They empowered the students to keep them safe from prying hands and to be more aware of their surroundings and respond wisely.

Addressing students during the workshop, gender specialist Ch Shailaja said: “It is important that instead of staying quiet, those who are victimised during their childhood or school days, must speak up against it. Child sex abuse leaves a wound in the soul of the victim and it’s important that they speak up about it rather than suppressing their voice. It takes toll on the mental and physical health of the child. Increase in awareness among parents and children can go a long way in addressing the issue.”

She also explained to students how reckless exposure and injudicious use of mobile phones and the Internet were causing disturbance in the behaviour of children these days. “With children both falling prey and becoming perpetrator of the child sex abuse, atmosphere around us is certainly not safe today. Not many children choose to speak up, as a result a few cases come to light or get reported but it’s a problem that needs serious consideration. Inculcating right values from the beginning and keeping children away from excessive use of mobile phones to reduce their screen time would improve things for better,” she maintained. Incharge headmaster K Veerachary, faculty members J Shyamraj, Sreevani, A Srinivas and others were also present.

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