Students observe ‘Pada puja’ by washing feet of parents, Satavahana Lions club celebrate birthday of KTR by distributing sarees to women

KARIMNAGAR, JULY 24, 2023:  Students of Valmiki Vidyalayam and Nandini Convent Schools in Karimnagar town observed ‘Pada Puja’ to honour parents on the occasion of National Parents day on Monday to create awareness on values of childhood.

The children participated in the rituals of respecting their parents by garlanding and felicitating them with a shawl and washed their feet and took their blessings. The students also paid respects to their teachers by washing their feet on the occasion.

Inspired by the gesture of the children, the parents also blessed their children. On this occasion, the speakers stressed the need to respect their parents as they play a pivotal role in moulding them into responsible human beings by inculcating humane values.

Schools chairman Yadagiri Shekhar Rao said that the students should respect their parents as they play a pivotal role in moulding them into future citizens by inculcating human values.

Later, the Satavahana Lions Club of Karimnagar celebrated the 47th birthday celebrations of Minister for IT and Municipal Administration K Taraka Rama Rao by cutting the cake and distribution of sarees to about 60 poor womenfolk of the town. On this occasion, Mr Shekhar Rao, who is also president of Satavahana Lions club of Karimnagar, said that it was a memorable event for him to conduct the ‘pada puja’ and birthday celebrations of KTR and distribution  of sarees to the poor women. Erukala sangham district president K Tirupathi, Girijan sangham state leader Ravi Naik, Suman Naik, Bhaskar Naik and others were also present.


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