Students educate people to use only clay idols for Ganesh Chathurthi festivities

K M Dayashankar


KARIMNAGAR: Ahead of the ensuing Vinayaka Chathurthi festivities, the students of Achievers Activ high school in Kothi Rampur locality of Karimnagar town celebrated the advance Vinayaka Chathurthi celebrations on Saturday (August 27).

As part of the celebrations, the students along with their teachers took out a rally with the idols of clay idols and educated the people about the importance of worshipping only the clay Ganesh idols to protect the environment from pollution. They appealed to the people to ban the use of Plaster of Paris idols and plastic bags.

On this occasion, the students performed skits on the importance of celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi by using clay idols to save water bodies from pollution. The students captivated the gathering by donning Lord Ganesh and carrying the clay idols.

Similarly, the students also participated in the closing ceremony of the Sri Krishna Janmashtami. They dressed up as Lord Krishna, Gopikas and Radha and captivated the gatherings. The special attraction was the breaking of ‘utti’ (dahi handi) celebrations.

The students enacted a small play on the life of Sri Krishna. Association of Alliances Club leader Galipalli Nageshwara Rao, Dr Elgandula Srinivas and Gandhi, school director Ch Venkateshwarlu and principal Ch Pallavi and others were also present.


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