Private schools are brimming with students after a gap of two years

K M Dayashankar


Majority of leading private schools are filled with admissions

Private teachers, who had shifted to other professions following the Covid induced closures, are back into the teaching profession

Only few takers for admissions into govt schools and parents preferring TS social welfare residential schools


KARIMNAGAR:  Good old days are back again for the private educational institutions  as all the private schools are brimming with students after almost a lapse of two years owing to Covid-19 induced lockdowns and closures.

Following the lockdown and economic slowdown, all the private schools have lost their sheen as the parents were unable to pay the fees and forced their wards to join the government schools. Now with the restoration of normalcy, the private schools are seeing such an enviable rush for new admissions. Majority of the private schools have declared that “admissions are filled” and some others had even opened new sections to accommodate the students following the pressure from the parents.

It was surprising to note that the managements of some reputed private educational institutions had even received recommendation letters and phone calls from the elected representatives for providing admissions to the children of the party leaders and their supporters.

Even after the introduction of the English medium education in all government schools, the parents preferred to join their children in private schools.  There was lots of craze for the private CBSE schools among the parents in Karimnagar town.

In the government schools, there was not much improvement in the admissions in spite of introduction of English medium education and launching of ‘Badi bata” and ‘Mana Voru-Mana Badi” programmes. Instead of joining in the government schools, the parents preferred to join their wards into the TS residential schools.

Telangana Recognised Schools Management Association (TRSMA) state president Y Shekhar Rao has thanked the parents for coming back to the private schools and rejoining their children for quality education to compete in the world. Following the Covid and lockdown, the parents joined their children in government schools.

But, they realised that there was quality education with qualified and dedicated teachers in the private schools, he claimed. “We are not after fees, we want complete transformation of the student”, he pointed. Stating that the government was spending around Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh per student in government schools and hostels, he said that the private schools were providing better education with necessary infrastructure at less than Rs 50,000 per student.


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