Parents meet held at Bhagavathi School

KARIMNAGAR: In order to update parents about the progress of their children, the Bhagavathi high school in Bhagathnagar, Karimnagar, organised a parent’s meet on Saturday evening.

To ensure their participation and boost the morale, the school management invited the parents for the parents meet. The objective of the meeting is to apprise parents about academic performance and participation of their children in extra-curriculum activities. Teachers discussed improvement of students with parents during the meeting. Parent-teacher interaction is necessary to achieve targets of effective education at the school level, they stated.

School chairman B Ramana Rao and director B Vijaya Lakshmi formally inaugurated by lighting the lamp. On this occasion, Mr Ramana Rao said that “It is an excellent opportunity for both parents and teachers to understand the child’s requirements better. Everyone including teachers, students and parents should participate in the meets”.

Later, the students presented colourful cultural programmes and captivated the audience including their parents.


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