Language pandits to stop teaching classes for ninth and tenth classes from February 1 onwards demanding promotions

KARIMNAGAR: Joint Action Committee of the Telangana Basha (language) pandit teachers have decided to stop teaching for higher classes of ninth and tenth from February 1, 2023, onwards demanding the government to fulfil the promise of promotions and transfers of language pandits.

Accordingly, the Karimnagar JAC leaders of Language pandits have met the respective school headmasters in the Karimnagar district and submitted a petition in this regard on Monday (January 30, 2023). They said that all the language pundits teaching Telugu, Hindi and Urdu would stop teaching for higher classes and restrict themselves to teaching only sixth, seventh and eighth classes.

Stating that they would teach classes as per the job chart, the language pandits also urged the government to stop the payment of Rs 150 per month for conducting classes to higher sections in the government schools. The JAC leaders informed the same to all the districts’ DEOs.

Language pandit Suresh Babu and G Pushpalath of ZPHS Odyaram in Gangadhara mandal said that Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao promised to upgrade their posts and give promotions seven years ago and it still remained a distant dream. As the government had taken up transfers and promotions of the teachers, they urged the government to promote them as promised or else they would simply teach classes as per the job chart.



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