It was a home away from home for students of VVNHS and Advita International School at night-stay programme

An adventurous personality programme for students as they stayed whole night with their friends in the school away from their parents


KARIMNAGAR:  A school’s environment should not only be conducive to learning and be safe, but it should be a welcome place for the students — their home away from home.

In a novel initiative and first of its kind in the history of Karimnagar district, Vivekananda Vidyanikethan high school and Advita Intenational School in Bhagathnagar locality in Karimnagar town organised “Awasa Nidra” (habitat sleep) and “Prakruthi Sparsha” (connecting with the nature) programme for their overall personality development of the students on Saturday night (February 4, 2023).

Inspired by the concept, the students arrived at their school in their formals at 6 pm sharp. The third class students of Vivekananda Vidyaniketha school and fifth and sixth class students of Advita International School participated in the programme. The School management led by its chairman S Komuraiah and KIMS college chairman M Ravinder Rao, who had come as guest, lit the camp fire on the sprawling grounds. The students sat around the camp fire and informed about their ambitions and goals in life such as becoming a doctor, engineer, scientist, police, teacher etc.

Later, the teachers told a moral story and explained about its importance to help the society and humankind. Similarly, they also participated in the singing of a patriotic song in chorus. After eating their dinner served by the school, the students had fun day chit-chatting with their friends while sleeping in the open and reciting the poems taught in their school.

Before going to bed, the students yelled out at the brightly lit moon that “God fulfill our dreams and aspirations”. Under the supervision of the teachers, the students went into deep sleep while interacting with their friends away from their parents. On Sunday morning (February 5, 2023), the parents have started arriving from 5 am onwards to pick-up their wards. Emotional scenes witnessed with the parents and their younger and elder brothers and sisters hugging them.

Parents said that the programme was a good initiative to help the children to overcome their fears, enhanced confidence and developed their organizational skills. “But, we were really missing them as for the first time, they were away from us and stayed whole night in the school. I am happy to see my child bubbling with happiness as he spent the day with his friends freely under the guidance of teachers in a free environment”, said a parent, who had come to pick up his child and turned emotional with tears in his eyes.

School chairman S Komuraiah thanked the parents for their cooperation and confidence in sending their children to attend the “Aawasa Nidra” and “Prakruthi Sparsha” programme. Appreciating the enthusiasm and excitement of the students and teachers, he said that “The school has always promised all-round development of its students and the camp assures longevity of students’ will and perseverance”.



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