HUM, an NGO, donates writing pads and announces cash prizes to students who score a 10 GPA in SSC exams

KARIMNAGAR: HUM, a voluntary organisation has announced a cash prize of Rs 2,016 to the students who score 10 GPA and 9.8 GPA in the ensuing Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations in Karimnagar district.

HUM, a voluntary organisation, founder president Danapuri Sagar distributed examination writing pads, pens and pencils to the students of ZPHS schools in Teegalaguttapalli and Arepalli on the outskirts of Karimnagar town on Monday (March 27).

On this occasion, he called upon the students to study hard and excel in the SSC examinations and bring a reputation to the school and their parents.  He announced cash prizes to the students who score 10 GPAs and 9.8 GPAs in the examinations. ZPHS Arepalli school headmaster Kalavathi and Teegalaguttapalli HM Padma and others were also present.


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