Green day celebrated at Sapthagiri school in Karimnagar

 KARIMNAGAR: Sapthagiri High School in Karimnagar town celebrated the Green Day with children coming draped in attractive green attires and participated in various programmes educating the importance of green for the protection of nature on Saturday (February 4, 2023).

On this occasion, the students presented various cultural programmes highlighting the importance of green, which is linked with the nature and prosperity. They participated in groups songs. Incidentally, all the students and teachers came dressed up in different shades of green and the classes became vibrant with the beautiful green backgrounds.

The students were taught the identification and recognition of green vegetables, leaves and various green objects. The students were also informed to speak on green colour to provide sensory experience to the children.

School Principal Anitha Reddy explained the importance of Green colour, which was essential for photo synthesis and chlorophyll for producing oxygen in the plants and its own food. Correspondent Nagesh Reddy congratulated the parents for the success of the programme by donning their wards with various green attires and educating them about its importance.



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