Alphores students shine in TS EAMCET results

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 25, 2023:  Students from Alphores educational institutions have shined in the TS EAMCET-2023 examinations for which results were declared on Thursday.

The Alphores students have been doing well consistently for over two decades in TS EAMCET, IIT (MAINS) IIT (advanced), NEET and others. In the TS EAMCET -2023 results, M Abhiram has secured state 301st rank, A Ishanth Reddy (322), B Srigodha (356), G Jyothi (374), T Deepika (446), M Chinmay (542), B Srinivas (650), S Sai Sadista (681), K Praneetha Reddy (752), Hasvitha Reddy (818), B Vidyalaxmi (821), S Deeraj Kumar (833), S Manaswini (865) and R Suhasitha (893).

A total of 14 students bagged ranks below 1,000 and 40 students secured ranks below 2,000, 63 students secured ranks below 3,000, 118 students secured below 5,000 rank and several hundreds of other students secured below 10,000 ranks.

In a statement here on Thursday, Alphores educational institutions chairman V Narender Reddy said that the Alphores students continued their dominance in the TSEAMCET. He said that recently about 450 students secured eligibility to appear for IIT (advanced). He exuded confidence that the students would also excel in the ensuing NEET results.

Congratulating the students for their scintillating performance, Mr Narender Reddy thanked the parents and teachers for excelling in the TS EAMCET examinations.

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