Alphores students display martial arts skills and secure belts

KARIMNAGAR: Around 72 students from Alphores e-techno school in Kothapalli on the outskirts of Karimnagar town displayed their martial arts skills and secured various belts during the conduct of grading test with their performances on Friday (December 30, 2022).

Among them, 45 students secured yellow belts, 20 students orange belts, five students secured green belts and two secured brown belts. The martial arts training was provided by trainer K Vasanth Kumar (black belt 7th dan) of Okinawa martial arts academy. The students including girls win accolades for their mind-blowing display of martial arts skills.

Speaking on the occasion, Alphores educational institutions chairman V Narender Reddy said that the self-defence skill training programme would help the students from unexpected dangers and fight anti-social elements and thwart crimes against them.


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