Whether Janashakthi naxalites making a comeback in Telangana?

K M Dayashankar


Police sounded high alert over the movement of armed naxalites in Rajanna-Sircilla district


RAJANNA-SIRCILLA:  Whether the outlawed Naxalties are on a comeback trial in its erstwhile stronghold of Rajanna-Sircilla district? Yes says the police intelligence sources.

Contrary to the claims of the police authorities that they had completely weeded out the Left-wing extremists in the district, the CPI-ML Janashakthi group naxalites led by its state secretary Vishwanath (Kura Rajanna group) had conducted a meeting for about four days in the forests of the Yellareddypet and Konaraopeta mandals abutting Bonala, Pothireddypalli, Dharmaram and Akkapalli villages.

Sources said that about eight armed naxalites along with 65 sympathisers and former naxalites of the naxalite group had conducted meeting in the jungles from March 9 to 12. The sympathisers from erstwhile Karimnagar, Warangal, Medak and Nizamabad districts have attended the meeting.

The Janashakthi naxalites reigned terror in the Sircilla division during the late 80’s and 90s and also early 2000 before it was completely weeded out by the police action and meticulous planning of ensuring en masse (47 naxalites alongwith weapons) surrender of Janashakthi naxalites before then Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and DGP HJ Dora in the year 2002.

Then Superintendent of Police Dr RS Praveen Kumar ensured en masse surrender of Janashakthi naxalites along with their weapons. Later, he conducted a ‘nimmajanam’ (immersion) to the Janashakthi naxalite movement in Vemulawada on a large scale.

It may be recalled that the Janashakthi naxalite reigned terror by abducting a contractor Ch Marthanda Rao, a close relative of then Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Ch Vidyasagar Rao during the Dasara festivities, for ransom. It is learnt that the naxalites had released the contractor only after collecting huge amount.

Later, then Karimnagar SP Praveen Kumar cashed in on the organisational feud that erupted in the Janashalthi naxalites group over the collection of party funds. The police contacted then district secretary Ranadheer and informed them to surrender along with their weapons to lead normal life and provided them rehabilitation package and cash incentives. The naxalites surrendering with weapons was first of its kind in the state during those days.

The fresh meeting of Janashakthi naxalites in the forests of Yellareddypet and Konoraopeta mandals had become a cause of concern for the police machinery. The police teams visited the spot where the naxalites conducted meeting and analysing whether they had formed any ‘dalam’ and contacting all the former naxalites and keeping a close surveillance on the sympathisers.


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