Taskforce police raid a pub and busted a drug party in Hyderabad

K M Dayashankar


More than 150 persons including 39 women detained

Drugs including cocaine, MDM and ganja seized

Elite of Hyderabad participated in the drug party


HYDERABAD: In an early morning swoop down, the Taskforce police have raided a pub in the posh Banjara Hills locality in Hyderabad and busted a drug party and detained more than 150 persons on Sunday.

On credible information about a RadissonBlu pub functioning even after 3 am, the Taskforce police raided the pub and detained more than 150 persons including 39 women. The police were shocked to notice the drugs in the pub and seized cocaine, MDM and ganja from the bathroom of the pub. Some of the persons had thrown away the drugs from the windows of the pub.

Shockingly, eminent persons from the film industry and others were also present in the pub and participated in the drug party. The Big Boss title winner and a singer, daughter of a popular Telugu film hero, son of a TDP MP and other elite have participated in the party.

The police collected the CCTV footage and examined the persons present and the supply of drugs.




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