Operation Chabutra in Jagtial town, 48 youth counseled for loitering

JAGTIAL:  In the wake of complaints of youth loitering in the streets and causing nuisance to the residents in general and womenfolk in particular, the Jagtial district police have launched “Operation Chabutra” in the Jagtial town on Friday night and picked up 48 youngsters for wandering on the roads and released them later on Saturday only after counselling them before their parents.

Jagtial DSP R Prakash said that they had received several complaints from various sections of society about the youngsters moving in groups in the streets and footpaths and consuming liquor in the open in the night and causing nuisance to the residents with rash driving and with loud horn honking. Appealing the youth not to spoil their bright career by wandering on the roads unnecessarily and cause inconvenience to the residents, he warned of registering cases under the Town Nuisance Act and seizure of their vehicles if they found youngsters moving in the midnight without any valid reason.

He also urged the parents to keep a close watch about the movement of their children. He said that the ‘Operation Chabutra’ would be launched regularly in the Jagtial town and later continued in a surprise manner in Korutla, Metpally, and other towns of the district.



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