Modified silencers crushed under a road roller in Karimnagar

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 18, 2023: In a crackdown against modified silencers which causes noise pollution, the Karimnagar Commissionerate of Police have initiated a special drive against motorists with modified silencers and seized around 100 silencers and crushed them under the road roller at the police headquarters in Karimnagar town on Thursday.

Incidentally, in the month of March also the police crushed about 400 modified silencers under a road roller in Karimnagar town. But, still, the youngsters have not mend their ways and still continued using the modified silencers on their bikes and travelling at a high speed terrorizing the road users and senior citizens.

Accordingly, Commissioner of Police L Subbarayudu a counselling session for the youngsters along with their parents, motorists caught drunk driving and mechanics at police headquarters in Karimnagar town on Thursday. Speaking on the occasion, he warned the mechanics of registration of criminal cases if they fit modified silencers to the bikes by removing the original silencers. He also warned the youngsters of the seizure of vehicles if they were caught fitting modified silencers to the bikes and handing them over to the court. He also warned the people caught in drunk driving of registration of criminal cases and MV act cases.

Drive against over-loading of autorickshaws

Expressing concern about the overloading of autorickshaws and causing accidents, the CP instructed the auto drivers to remove the additional seats fitted in the autorickshaws. Instructing them to strictly adhere to the norms of four in all rules in the auto, he said that the police would forcibly remove additional seats in the autos if the drivers failed to do so voluntarily.

He said that police would launch a special drive against the overloading of autos in the district.  Additional DCPs S Srinivas and M Bheem Rao, ACPs G Vijaykumar and C Prathap, inspectors Tirumal and Nagarjuna Rao and others were also present.


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