Every college must have a counselling centre to stop suicides, says a survey

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 17, 2023: Every college should have a counselling centre and the behavioural changes in students should be informed to the parent or his guardian, according to a case study conducted by the faculty members of Government Degree College, Mahabubabad and published in the International journal of novel research and development (IJNRD).

Psychologist support must be taken. Every college must have a teacher who has considerable knowledge to counsel students. Anti-depressants must be given whenever students need them. Students must be imparted basic life skills, and a positive attitude must be taught. Friends and teachers must help them to overcome their hardships. They must be treated with care and affection. If they do wrong they must be given a chance to mould their behaviour they must be motivated to improve their competencies, the case study stated.

The project was done by Dr V Vijaya Lakshmi, now principal of government degree college, Gambhiraopet, Rajanna-Sircilla district, when she was principal of GDC Mahabubabad, along with her team. A case study of government degree colleges in Mahabubabad district to determine the causes of adolescent suicides and stress among students was conducted by taking a sample of 120 students by giving them a questionnaire.

The findings stated that 53 per cent of adolescent students shared their feelings with friends, 15 per cent shared their feelings with parents, 16 per cent shared their feelings with teachers and another 16 per cent did not share with any. The last group is in the high-risk zone and they must be taught life skills to share their feelings with near and dear ones at least.

About 24 per cent of students said exams caused more stress, 22 per cent said online education caused stress, 24 per cent said work pressure caused stress and 30 per cent said nothing caused stress. On how they relieve stress, 38 per cent students said that they play or listen to music, 28 per cent spend time with their friends, 8 per cent dance to relieve the stress and 26 per cent keep themselves alone, this category of remaining alone must be brought out so that they share their feelings with others or do some activity to relieve them from stress

The survey stated that the institutions must secure them both physically and emotionally. Students who have suicidal behaviour should be given good nutrition, good exercise and time must be provided to relax or do some recreational activity. We need to build up trust and Faith and boost their self-esteem. Their psychiatric illness has been has to be diagnosed and their depression must be cured. If a student uses drugs, he must be counselled instead of being punished. Students who face psychological disorders like bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia and other personality disorder must be treated like a person with any other normal disease.

Prolonged stress must be prevented as it is a precursor for suicide behaviour. Socially prescribed perfectionism must be avoided. Values and importance of the life must be taught. A person’s perception that he or she will be a burden to others must be discouraged. A supportive social network with teachers must be encouraged. Understanding their problems allowing them to express their feelings and listening with interest and patience will naturally help them to overcome their feelings. We need to make them emotionally stable so that will naturally help them to overcome their feelings.


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