Don’t carry more than Rs 1 lakh net cash without valid documents

K M Dayashankar


Huzurabad by-elections on October 30

Police strictly enforce the model code of conduct to check flow of cash and liquor 


KARIMNAGAR: As part of the implementation of the model code of conduct and strict enforcement to check illegal supply of cash and liquor during the by-elections to Huzurabad assembly segment, Commissioner of Police V Satyanarayana had informed the people to carry documents if they carry more than Rs one lakh in the Karimnagar commissionerate in general and Huzurabad assembly segment in particular.

In a press note here today, the Commissioner of Police cautioned the people that unexplained cash above Rs 1 lakh would be seized. “It will be released only after the completion of elections and proven that it is nothing to do with the elections”, he stated. He also said that they would refer the amount to the Income-tax department if the seized amount crosses more than Rs 10 lakhs.

He informed the traders and others carrying more than Rs 1 lakh to show the necessary documents and receipts during the police checking to avoid its seizure. He said that they had taken up the drive against the illegal cash and liquor to ensure smooth and fair by-elections in Huzurabad. He said that they had installed CCTV cameras for close surveillance in the entire Huzurabad assembly segment.

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